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Storm the Bastille - BEHOLD

The latest release of this Philadelphia band that's kind of like a cross between Joshua Fit for Battle and Jeromes Dream.

YOUWRETCH - Self Titled EP

Minneapolis neocrust/dark hardcore.

Lapse - Demo 2011

DC fastcore/grindcore
Sent in by the band.

Power Play - Demo 2010

Awesome hardcore from Kiev, Ukraine, FFO Fury of Five, Bulldoze, and Biohazard.
Sent in by the band.

Iron Lung - Exposed

One of the best powerviolence bands. This is a really rare one-sided tour 7-inch only sold at shows. The red vinyl is the second press with only 500 copies. It has 3 tracks, but they all run together seamlessly.

Soul Search - Intolerable Weight

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Southern California's Soul Search has a sound that represents the heavier side of hardcore from New York in the '90s including bands like Madball, Breakdown, Dmize, Crown Of Thornz, Outburst, and Biohazard.
VBR vinyl rip.

Fucked Up Presents: David's Town

Here's a very special release. It is the soundtrack to Fucked Up's upcoming rock opera. Yeah, that's right. It's all fake bands that are supposed to be from 1977, but they are really just Fucked Up with a lot of guests. There's a ton of great artists involved including A.C. Newman of The New Pornographers Limited to 1000. It's weird, but this fucking rules. I checked and it's already listed for about 80 on ebay lol

Lebanon - Overdose/Overload

Lebanon features both Brad Boatright and Derek Wilman of From Ashes Rise among their ranks. With Lebanon the direction of the music is definitely reminiscent of From Ashes Rise but there is a decidedly NWOBHM injection into the sound. Think: Motorhead, Venom, Diamond Head, Angel Witch, Witchfinder General. This two song ripper is the bands very first release and a very blasting preview of damage to come.

Bird Of Ill Omen - Self, Dare You Still Breathe?

Bird of Ill Omen (often referred to as The Bird) was a metalcore band from Florida. The band was only around for a few years in the late 90s. Bird of Ill Omens first release, Self, Dare You Still Breathe? was recorded in 1997. Even though Damien Moyal left the band before recording any material or started touring, he is still thanked in the album booklet. The 12" vinyl recording was released by Think Tank Records.
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